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About Me

The product growth guy. After 13 years in the trenches executing on product growth, I have had exposure across B2B and B2C.

Right now, I lead product growth at Affirm, the Buy Now Pay Later company that IPOd in January 2021 under the ticker AFRM. My team is working with our cross-functional partners to grow Affirm through product. But all thoughts on this newsletter are my own. They do not represent Affirm or its affiliates.

Before Affirm, I had couple pit stops across the industry.


I started out as a programmer! Typical.


ScoutForce was my first exposure to the power of ARR in valuation.

After starting my career as a software engineer, I started my product management journey working on a SaaS app called ScoutForce. We grew to nearly 15% of the D1 schools. It was one of the first verticalized SaaS startups out there. We were venture-backed.

Rap to Beats

Rap to Beats was an iOS app that dominated the ‘rap’ charts in the app store for years. Over 100K DAU for years.

From there, I journeyed into B2C and went on to build my own app, Rap to Beats. I was Co-Founder and CEO. We grew a team, and raised it to 300K monthly active users. That was some of the fastest four-years of learning in my whole life.


thredUP IPO’d in March 2021. James Reinhart, pictured here, is one of the most visionary, effective, and kind CEOs in the world. Plus, he’s a founder-CEO.

After the super-small startup, I went to a slightly larger startup. I led growth and product management at thredUP. I built the growth team from the ground up and hired the company’s first product managers. thredUP IPOd in March 2021.


The Job Search API was a great way to deep-dive into modern cloud services and ML at Google.

Then, I went ever bigger. I leaned in to build my product chops further at Google. I worked on the Google Job Search API. I ended up driving growth product management for one of the fastest growing products in Google Cloud’s history.

Epic Games

At Epic Games, one of my most important projects was the Travis Scott concert.

Most recently before Affirm, I was the producer for the Metaverse at Epic Games. I led data-driven growth through product. My team helped guide the strategy across Epic Games Store, Fortnite, Rocket League, and Fall Guys. To give you a sense of the scale of the product growth strategies I worked on, I was featured in the Apple v Epic case.

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Aakash Gupta
The product growth guy. 16 years doing it at places like Epic Games, Google, & thredUP. Now lead growth PM at Affirm Fintech, product & growth Thoughts mine